What is my e-mail address used for? Will I receive spam?2019-08-23T14:01:18+02:00

Muundo.design only uses your e-mail address to communicate about your project and to announce your own news and promotions. You will not receive spam from third parties. Your e-mail address will NOT be passed on and the number of newsletters sent by Muundo.design is very limited.

Is the Muundo designer also available in between meetings?2019-08-23T12:59:07+02:00

During the term of the project, all questions, feedback or additional concerns can be sent by e-mail to Muundo.design. Of course to the extent possible. (eg no change of design within an hour of its discussion). The number of online meetings is determined in the formula you choose. If you would like to add extra meetings on top, that is possible with additional cost.

How do these online meetings happen in practice?2019-08-23T13:56:30+02:00

You will receive an e-mail from Muundo.design with an invitation 10 minutes before the start of our meeting. Participating is easy by just clicking on the link so it automatically connects you to our tool. It is your own choice to have your webcam on or off during our meeting. Your interior architect will always in the picture.
Make sure that the speakers on your computer are switched on and are loud enough and that you have a microphone connected to your computer. Webcam is optional.

How do I know if the Muundo designer will work out the project in my style?2019-08-23T18:19:32+02:00

A good interior designer has the ability to move within the style of the customer so we do that by:

  • actively listening to you
  • asking many questions during our personal meeting
  • going through your online pinterest inspiration together

That’s how the interior architect can form a perfect picture of your personal style. Depending on the chosen package we have personal online meetings so adjustments can always be made. As an interior architect we want nothing more than you to recommend Muundo.design to others!

Does Muundo design also take my budget into account?2019-08-23T18:26:22+02:00

Of course! When we draw our plans we will certainly take your budget into account. Especially with regard to choices of materials and finishing. Aren’t you able to realise our design immediately for budgetary reasons? Very understandable! The important advantage is that you use our interior plan as the ultimate goal but you can realise it at your own pace. With our plan you have a good guideline so you can provide certain utilities in the right position on time.

If I measure the space, should it be correct to the millimeter?2019-08-23T18:33:59+02:00

The dimensions of the room (walls, windows, doors, ceiling height etc) are preferably measured as accurately as possible. That is in order to draw a plan that is as correct as possible. But an inch or more is certainly not an issue. Later, after our plans have been worked out, the professional installer will visit you anyway to measure everything down to the very detail. So no worries… nobody will produce anything just based on your measures without visiting your house.

What information do I have to provide to the Muundo designer?2019-08-23T18:43:06+02:00

To get started with your project we’ll need the following information:

  • Photos of the existing situation (if available)? Stand in the middle of the room and take a picture of the 4 walls and the 4 corners. These are in total at least 8 photos but more are of course allowed. For example from some specific detail or an item you want to re-use. Take these photos without worrying about your current interior or existing furniture.
  • A plan of the room(s)? If there is an existing architect’s plan you may scan and upload it in your project zone. If it isn’t available you can also measure the space(s) yourself. Don’t forget to indicate where you have windows and doors (+ height under the window). Also indicate the position and dimensioin of radiators and the ceiling height.
  • Your online inspiration pictures! Create your free Pinterest account and share it with us.
  • Complete the questionnaire we have sent you about your project (you will receive it automatically after purchasing a package)
When do I have to pay and what guarantee do I have?2019-08-23T18:56:16+02:00

Payment must be made online before the intake meeting with Muundo.design can take place. Upload of photos of the existing situation or a plan can be done in advance. Just consider it like a purchase in a webshop.

Booking an introductory meeting is for free.

When you purchase a certain package from Muundo.design, it is summed up what’s included and therefore will be delivered. According to the different steps summed up in your package, we commit ourselves to have no more then 14 days between each step. For example maximum 14 days between the intake meeting and our next meeting to present the design.

If I register, am I obliged to pay?2019-08-23T19:02:49+02:00

No! With your free account you can browse as much as you like in our Pinterest inspiration or read our blogs. With your free account you are subscribed to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of the latest news or certain promotions (unsubscribing to the newsletter is super easy!). In your free account you can also upload pictures or a plan if you deem it necessary for a meeting.

Is een online interieuradvies wel mogelijk?2019-08-23T19:11:16+02:00

Of course! In fact online interior advice is not so different from traditional interior advice on site. Because interior architects start from 3 basic things:

  • The existing space: that plan with measures is uploaded in your project zone
  • Your style: For this we have our pinterest inspiration that we discuss in our online meeting
  • Your practical wishes: we go through a questionnaire for this

In addition you have personal online meetings with an experienced interior designer who guides you through the entire project. Of course these meetings are interactive; we discuss our designs as if we’re sitting right next to you.

As an interior architect it is not necessary to see the space ourself to make a good design. Let’s compare it with a new-built house. That only exists on a plan and pictures of the current state are usually unavailable, unless you’re too late of course :-)

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