The added value of an interior architect

Do you have little time or knowledge to turn your house into a dream place? That’s when an interior designer comes in handy to make designs for an attractive interior and to ensure that everything combines nicely and remains practical to use. Like the lighting points on the right place according to the layout of cupboards or the perfect color on the right wall, etc … He or she makes a clever plan with dimensions and a complete description of the given interior advice. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of materials by an interior architect we know very well what’s available on the market. And equally important, what costs are associated with them. At the same time designers know about the quality and characteristics of materials and when to apply or not. As a result a good quality project can be realized! Ready to have it executed by a contractor of your choice or to get started yourself!

Kristof Gregoire interior designer

Interior designer Kristof Gregoire

Interior designer Kristof Gregoire from Leuven (Belgium) is the driving force behind He has extensive experience when it comes to interior design, decoration and renovation. After his education as interior designer he started working as a freelance designer in 2000 for renowed agencies. In 2008 he founded his own design agency KG-Interiordesign, which specializes in offering total concepts. From simple interior advice to complete project management down to the smallest detail. His agency grew into a team of 4 interior architects and an administrative all-rounder.

On national television as interior expert

Kristof appeared in several episodes on the national television program “TV Makelaar” (translated as TV-broker) with Pascale Naessens. He was hired as an expert to provide interior advice for difficult to sell real estate.

Kristof wrote two books

Kristof wrote 2 books together with architect Peter Vermeulen. In 2011 “slim verbouwen” (translated as smart renovation) was published and in 2013 “slim nieuwbouwen” (translated as smart new construction) followed. Both books were published by Lannoo, a renowed publisher in Belgium. They are written through the experiences of both architect and interior designer and give a detailed explanation from roof to cellar of what to look out for during your own project.

”I have done many interior projects, from sleek modern new-built projects to a rural watermill in the Ardennes. Projects are always different but there is a similar structure and approach behind it and that gave me an idea …

I usually took intake interviews myself with my clients and after agreement one of my colleagues went on site to take photos and measurements. Then we made a design based upon all that information and we met on location to discuss the plans. All of this was perfectly possible without moving …

A great deal is possible in a digital way these days, so why not interior design? ”

– Interior architect Kristof Gregoire –

You can find a link to both books here:

binnenhuisarchitect interieurarchitect boek
binnenhuisarchitect interieurarchitect boek
binnenhuisarchitect interieurarchitect boek
binnenhuisarchitect interieurarchitect boek

A few short video fragments of Kristof’s appearance in TV-makelaar (Dutch spoken):

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