Why hire an interior designer?

It’s obvious for the one but not for the other. But in a world where construction becomes more complex and more expensive then ever, consulting an interior designer is definitely something to consider. Another extra cost on top of your budget I hear you say? Even a cost for which you don’t even get anything tangible in your hands? … Or maybe not? Let us list a few reasons why an interior architect can be an added value for your project.

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An interior designer makes it match

Sounds logical I hear you think out loud! Not for everyone because it happens regularly that I think at the start of an assignment…  “If only that client had taken me in hand earlier. That would have saved them costs and efforts in advance or given many more options before then now”. Lighting points, switches or plugs that are placed without thinking them through in advance or without taking in count how the space will be furnished … It happens very innocently, because nobody thought about it because there was no budget for it at that time. Afterwards you are of course the victim of that mistake … If only you had a plan…

Everything always starts with a good plan and that’s the job of the designer. That design is then budgeted and choices are made as to what can or cannot be executed in one time. Certain items can easily be postponed when you know it from the start, even without anyone else noticing that something is missing. But you have the most important thing in hand: Your plan. Everything can be fit around it so that you can fill that one last piece in later without hassle. You just know that everything is prepared correctly what gives you peace of mind.

An interior architect doesn’t only choose colours

He does indeed much more than that. But there are some crucial differences between an architect and an interior architect. Still you can do a lot of work with an interior designer, more then some people imagine. Here are some works that an interior designer CANNOT do:

  • NO adjustments to the stability of a building.
  • NOT enlarge a building.
  • NO exterior design and planning of new-built homes.
  • DO NOT design drastic facade changes

But an interior architect can perfectly design a plan to strip the interior of an existing home and renovate it from top to bottom. Are you thinking about turning the attic into an amazing master bedroom with ensuite bathroom? And so to install roof windows or extra insulation? Or do you want to renew the entire ground floor with new electricity, heating and a new kitchen? An interior designer is perfectly capable for that so you don’t need an architect for it.

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An interior designer provides thoughtful solutions

There are many challenges that we face as interior designers. One of them is looking for thoughtful solutions in difficult situations. For example: do you have an attic that you want to decorate under a roof slope? Then you sometimes encounter limitations if you want to place a bathroom there. Not only because of the roof slope, but also because of the position of the drains, etc. Or do you have a small bathroom that you still have to use with a family of 4 people? Then a creative mind is definitely recommended.

On the other hand, creative solutions are also needed for some more special features. Like a kitchen table in natural stone of 2 meters long, attached to your central kitchen island but without visible support. Or high cabinets hanging from the ceiling instead of standing on the floor. Creativity and technical knowledge are crucial in this case. As an interior architect I prefer to work on a difficult space with some limitations instead of a blank canvas with endless possibilities.

IMPORTANT!! Different rules and laws for interior architects & designers may apply in different countries! This article has been based on laws that apply in Belgium.

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