Attic becomes bathroom – wellness got to work to design a beautiful bathroom – wellness for an unused attic space. This customer opted for a tailor-made design because they wanted to furnish the entire space. It was easy to choose one final design  out of 3 preliminary designs, that in the meantime is almost fully finished. The freestanding bath stands before a wall that has a natural stone mosaic finishing just like the cover of the water reservoir for the toilet. The washbasin furniture stands against a wall with a sauna on one side and a large walk-in shower on the other. Everything is mounted on a raised floor with indirect lighting underneath, making it easy to install the pipes. The space under the roof slope is used as storage. It’s also great that we could accentuate the roof structure in this bathroom .

3D versus reality:

Attic becomes bathroom and wellnessAttic becomes bathroom and wellness

360° inside view in the design:

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