Project Description

Clean sleek furniture in penthouse

MUUNDO.Design designed clean sleek furniture for a penthouse with fabulous views in Antwerp. The package “tailor made design” was chosen for a long cabinet wall and a TV unit. This naturally also includes the choice of individual furniture and a lighting plan. The design had to be sleek but cozy, preferably with a dark wood. Because of the large windows and the fantastic view to the outside there was no lack of light!

We have deliberately placed the long cupboard wall diagonally, so that the cupboard depth runs from small to deep so a wardrobe could be integrated. At the same time it also opens to the living room and kitchen which gives an inviting effect. Certain compartments in this large cupboard slightly exit to add a little playfull detail and also the door to the toilet is hidden in it. We designed something light for the TV unit that fitted well with the rest of the design. The bottom block is made of dark wood and there is a “loose” element in lacquer work just lying on top of it. It looks light and fragile but it’s firmly anchored in the rest of the furniture and gives an special effect. When our customer is satisfied then we are too of course!

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