Minimalistic look for a sleek new house

This was a super fun project! designed an interior with a minimalist look for a sleek fancy new house. This couple were both very busy people who regularly stay abroad, so our online way of working was perfect! Our meetings were arranged regularly while all 3 of us were staying in different countries and it worked fine! Because our assignment was to design 13 spaces in this new house we made a competitive tailor-made offer. We gave advice on everything in this project! From choice of floor, design of all custom cabinets until all lighting fixtures and paint colors.

The style had to be sleek and minimalistic with a few small subtle accents. For the exterior finish, a few walls were executed as a detail in fine slats of solid wood with relief. We have extended that look to the inside in the entrance hall closet as well as in the upstairs library, the kitchen and the children’s bathroom. For the kitchen worktop we chose a ceramic material with a calacatta natural stone look in which also the table is made. All cabinets were made of super matt white laminate with protection against dirty fingers and in combination with light oak. A subtle fresh green accent color comes back throughout the home. For the lighting we mostly worked with Deltalight in addition to the indirect lighting concealed behind various cabinets.

Now we only need some photos of the finished project!

360° inside view in the design:

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