Project Description

Sleek design kitchen in new villa

For this client we made a design for a sleek kitchen in a newly constructed villa in Belgium. The style is very modern throughout the whole house so we made our kitchen fit in completely. Keywords are: contemporary, timeless, sleek, practical and livable. Because there is no separate dining room in the home, the client asked for a solution to neatly put away some practical kitchen appliances. We have therefore designed a spacious breakfast cupboard behind the dining table where a blender, toaster and coffee maker all discreetly find a place. At the same time, they are conveniently accessible by using 180° hinged doors. The table was made from solid oak and gives a nice warm touch to the further black&white design. On the handsome cement-bonded screed floor everything just fits perfectly together!

A nice detail about this design is that the long black cupboard wall also extends outwards. As a result, there is room at the front of the house for discreetly storing the waste bins. At the back you have extra storage available and the BBQ was also integrated in it. Too bad we don’t have a picture of that yet!

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