Timeless sleek design in a new construction

MUUNDO.design was able to create a timeless sleek design for this beautiful new construction. The customer already knew us because we renovated the bathroom of his parents a few years ago. Satisfied customers naturally like to come back and that’s how we did the design for their son. It’s a small world because apparently he knew another MUUNDO.design customer who was also enthusiastic about our design.

For his project we made customized designs for the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom and stairs. The concept of the house simply requires 2 blocks to be symmetrically used as an eye-catcher: The part of the kitchen and the TV furniture. That’s why we chose to cover these 2 walls all around, making it look like the cupboard supports the house. The open niche of the kitchen extends visually into the dining room. It is intended that the kitchen island is entirely executed in calacatta (ceramic imitation) if the budget allows this.

The TV furniture also continues around the corner and serves as a covering for the wall on the stairs where we integrated the railing. This finishing extends all the way to the first floor, where it serves as the parapet around the stairs. There is parquet everywhere except between the kitchen island and the high cabinets where PU poured floor is put for better maintenance.

The bathroom will have a spacious walk-in shower in the same ceramic tiles as the floor but in a different size. A wall in mortex and calacatta is provided near the free-standing bath with a handy open niche for bath products. The sink furniture is a gem that will be made entirely (including sink) in calacatta with 2 movable wooden boards as a tablet.

They are still constructing the new house and we cannot wait until everything is ready!

360° inside view in the design:

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