Custom design



  • price PER ROOM
  • online account for upload photo’s & plans
  • sharing PINTEREST inspiration
  • 1 intake meeting
  • 3 preliminary designs in floorplan + frontal views and a moodboard as illustration
  • 1 online meeting to discuss the preliminary designs
  • 1 online feedback meeting
  • final design in floorplan + frontal views with measures
  • description of the design + overview of used colours and materials
  • positioning of points for lighting on a floorplan + list of lighting fixtures
  • personal shoppinglist of loose furniture and decoration
  • 3D presentation
  • a set of samples of chosen colours and materials in your mailbox at home (only for Belgium)
  • documents and plans available for download in you dedicated customer zone.


Custom design: This has everything of the “interior design MAXI” package + a custom design for the furniture on top. A complete kitchen or bathroom design?  A TV unit with integrated fireplace? We’ll make it happen.

We start with a thorough study and present no less than 3 different preliminary designs. We will of course discuss them extensively in an online meeting. After that you book a feedback meeting and tell which design you prefer (or a combination). We then work out the chosen design in detail and provide a 3D presentation.

With the description of the customized design and the plans with dimensions, you can easily contact a contractor to make your plans into reality. Of course, this package also includes everything from interior design MAXI:  The lighting plan with luminaire list and a personal shopping list of loose furniture and decoration. For Belgium a set of samples of the chosen materials and colors will be sent to you.


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