The interior talk

$11021% VAT incl.
  • per room

Interior design MINI

$38921% VAT incl.
  • per room

Interior design MAXI

$66921% VAT incl.
  • per room

Tailor made design

$89921% VAT incl.
  • per room


Are you going to redecorate more then one room at the same time? Then of course we have a combi deal! As of a combinatinon for more than 2 rooms together we make a tailor-made combi package. It certainly doesn’t have to be all the same formulas to put together a combi package.

For example, a “tailor made design” for your kitchen, an “interior design maxi” for the seating area and an “interior design mini” for the bedroom can be perfectly combined into a custom deal. Just send us an email at

If you choose the “Interior talk” and you decide after our meeting to switch to one of the 3 other packages, then you get 110$ discount on that new package, because we consider our interior talk as the intake interview (* * only when ordered within 2 months after the interior talk)